A Journey from Spirit Worship to Dharma

About the Main Editor (me):
My experience with the spirit worship practice was a short one of just under 4 years. I joined a shugden cult for the friendship. My cult reached out to me because I was needed to further their agenda and I reached for them because I was vulnerable and saw a group of damaged goods that I could fit into. Through a series of dramatic upheavals by my cult’s leader and the compassion of the people I was given the job to deceive, I came in contact with genuine Buddha Dharma.

The job I’m taking on now is one of collecting and editing stories and letters from around the world and presenting them in a form where they cannot be traced back to the original authors or tellers. For that reason I have changed names, dates, and some aspects of the original accounts. In the future when the shugden cults have disbanded I intend to publish a compendium containing accounts in their entirety with minor editing. As the editor, I feel it is my honor and duty to make these recollections of ex-spirit worshipers available for the purpose they were intended: naked and unconditional love for the broken.

By composing these writings I hope to lead my friends who are still in “the cult” to Dharma and ease the transition for those leaving spirit worship behind. This is for you.


2 thoughts on “A Journey from Spirit Worship to Dharma

  1. Dear Author,
    I congratulate you on the excellent job you are doing. May the Buddha Dharma be free of spirit worship forever and may HHDL have a very long and healthy life. My love and respect for him has no bounds.
    I have come across this character you call Tom a very long time ago when he was younger and much slimmer (the rich Malay food must be making an impact). In hindsight something has always bothered me about him but I could never correctly place it. I remember him as a very skilled speaker and also for his proclamations on practice etc., basically a snake oil salesman. I was talked into meeting him by an affiliate, something I regret doing now. Not that I ever followed his advice but he did get fifty rupees out of me, a great sum of money in those days. I was going through financial difficulties at the time but he sure knew how to squeeze the last penny out of me, so much so that I had to borrow money to “offer” to him. His logic was that money is karma and if I need money he can pray for me but that I have to plant the “seed” of karma. He told me that if I did not offer him money how can I expect his prayers to work. He said, “think of it as a seed that will grow into a tree that will produce more fruit, now if you don’t plant that tree someone else will and they will get all the fruit.” He then proceeded whack me with his mala and hands. I think he was not happy with the amount of money but that is all I could give him.
    One thing I found really odd about him was that he could not speak proper Tibetan and had no education in the typical monastic system, not that it is necessary but seeing that he went as far as to devalue the study and debate of texts as per the Geluk system over tantra practice made me think of him as a bit of a “sour grapes” sort of person.
    One of my friends, a western monk went to see him as well and a year later he was knifed by what we now think of as Chinese DS spies. The poor chap just about lost his life as he was stabbed in the neck and left for dead after debate class. I am not sure about the connection between the two but I think that Jampa did not agree with Tom la and was later openly criticizing him for his open greed for money. Of course this all got swept under the carpet by the monastery until the Serapom saga erupted six months or so afterwards.
    I wish you all the best in your endeavors.
    Much prayers and love.


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