How to Recognize Shugden “Explainers” by YouToo

As a former shugden explainer with over 90 pages of unique account screen names on various Buddhist forums, message boards, blogs, and groups I can tell you a few important things.

1) There are only a couple dozen shugden explainers in the world and most of them are based in Malaysia and Singapore.
2) Shugden explainers use the internet to make it appear like there is a favorable consensus about shugden and shugden lamas. The shugden explainers use one account to convince readers that their other accounts are valid, and vice versa.
3) If a forum, message board, blog, group etc. deletes something critical of a shugden lama, of shugden, or bans the discussion of shugden, then a shugden explainer either owns the website or has significant influence over the owner and site operators. Shugden explainers have come up with various reasons for why, other than the obvious, they must censor criticism of shugden and the activities of shugden worshipers.
4) Shugden explainers are often funded and supplied with dynamic IP addresses, private unlisted proxies, IP spoofing software, etc.
5) Shugden explainers make full use of articles that they produced or fit their agenda to manipulate the sense of morality of their readers.

For instance, they may/do publish articles about:
to make people think they have commited a sin by implying that ghost worship is not Buddhist and therefore they are “splitting the sangha” for dissuading people from propitiating demons. FYI, you’re not.

84,000 Dharma doors, of which worshiping shugden is not even one:
with the implication that everything is a Dharma door to make people hold back their discernment about what is a liberation practice and what is shamanism.

Crazy wisdom:
to make people disregard cult abuse reports and to make the victims feel guilty for thinking badly of their abusers.

Jesus and “he who is without sin should throw the first stone”:
to distract people from the behavior of abusive cult leaders.

6) Shugden explainers get a perverse joy from successfully manipulating communities and individuals and sometimes splatter kopi o ais on their computer screen from laughing at strangers who repeated their rhetoric to someone else.

Now that you know a little about shugden explainers, check if you’ve been manipulated!

*Note: To protect this repository from the legal abuse employed by some cults using copyright and defamation law to silence critics, the names of the organizations, members, locations, copyrighted controversial teachings and practices have been changed. Despite this concession, I am confident such a lawsuit would be answered with self incrimination charges because of the level of documentation within the collection and the assurances of unlimited legal support from victims and their families. If an account or letter has already been published elsewhere and I have received the author or representative’s permission, it may re-appear here with details altered. Anyone can volunteer information and documentation.


5 thoughts on “How to Recognize Shugden “Explainers” by YouToo

  1. About a year ago these people had the run of
    I left because of the heavy handed shugden explainer mods.
    Do you know if they are still running the show?

    When I go to a BUDDHIST forum I expect to talk about Buddhism without ghost worshipers telling me what I can and cannot say. News Flash: Buddhism isn’t about pleasing ghosts!

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  2. I tried to register at , but they’ve blocked tor exit nodes from accessing their registration page.

    I want to join the discussions, but not at the expense of my privacy. I’ve already had nutters from “Tom Tulku”‘s blog haranguing and threatening me because I didn’t kowtow to their Buddhistically ignorant pastor’s guru granted authority to make shit up.

    I’m not saying is full of nutters, but it’s not a risk I’m willing to take and it’s not reasonable to block people for putting a space between Pandora’s forum and their real life.

    Lawstudent, you seem like a nice chap, or lass, whatever. When are you going to make a forum?


    • I have considered it and have been a moderator on Buddhist forums in the past as a shugden explainer. I put my life back on track after leaving the cult and between education, work, and projects, like this site, I have very little free time. I have to focus on the projects that have the biggest impact per the time consumed.

      I believe you made the right choice to not give up privacy. I won’t be recommending for shugden discussion again until tor users gain access.

      For now I’m now going to recommend a subreddit at
      Don’t be discouraged by the low post count, it has been used as a temporary notification board where people post new information and delete it later. You can use it as a forum for shugden discussion.

      To access reddit with tor browser you should use the secure login page with,, and scripts allowed.

      This is the secure login page:


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