Homage to the Original

My decision to begin this process of bringing valid shugden experiences and opinions to the surface of the internet was inspired by this work about a certain shugden cult and the personal hardships of working for a psychopathic “guru”. Let’s say it’s about the cult of “Tom Tulku” for now.


You Rock!

*Note: To protect this repository from the legal abuse employed by some cults using copyright and defamation law to silence critics, the names of the organizations, members, locations, copyrighted controversial teachings and practices have been changed. Despite this concession, I am confident such a lawsuit would be answered with self incrimination charges because of the level of documentation within the collection and the assurances of unlimited legal support from victims and their families. If an account or letter has already been published elsewhere and I have received the author or representative’s permission, it may re-appear here with details altered. Anyone can volunteer information and documentation.


One thought on “Homage to the Original

  1. Back in the day when configuring a proxy was highly technical, there were some chatters offering to post on forums and send emails for ex-students that were afraid to put anything online themselves. They put a degree of separation between the cult and the victims and got the word out before “inside the company”. They made people feel safe enough to share their experiences and to reach out.


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