What do Shugden Groups and White Supremacists Have In Common? by PhilipYo

They’re both hate groups!
If you thought something was wrong with Shugden culture besides demon worship you were right!

The Shugden rituals teach hatred of other Buddhist schools and one of the purposes of Shugden ritual is to curse Nyingma and Kagyu Buddhists. This learned hate instigated several violent murders by shugden worshipers for as little as having a Nyingma text.

Now you know one reason ALL the schools of Buddhism have rejected the practice.

If we want to live in a FREE WORLD where people of all ethnicity, religions, genders, orientations, and class can practice spirituality WITHOUT VIOLENT OPPRESSION, then we have to use our words and influence to STOP HATE indoctrination BEFORE it starts.

The pen is mightier than the sword!
We will win this battle for religious freedom!

*Note: To protect this repository from the legal abuse employed by some cults using copyright and defamation law to silence critics, the names of the organizations, members, locations, copyrighted controversial teachings and practices have been changed. Despite this concession, I am confident such a lawsuit would be answered with self incrimination charges because of the level of documentation within the collection and the assurances of unlimited legal support from victims and their families. If an account or letter has already been published elsewhere and I have received the author or representative’s permission, it may re-appear here with details altered. Anyone can volunteer information and documentation.


One thought on “What do Shugden Groups and White Supremacists Have In Common? by PhilipYo

  1. It’s a shame that these hateful people pose as monks and nuns. My daughter was involved with [edit: Tom Tulku ] until one day she spit at a couple leaving a Nyingma temple. I had no idea she was being taught this kind of xenophobia. I was so ashamed. I gave the couple 700 ringgit and apologized and begged them not to report. I forbid her from speaking to [edit: Tom Tulku ]’s students and made her do community service at the temple she insulted.

    I thank guan yin she was not involved in their illegal activities like vandalizing temples in Singapore. My husband and I were lucky to recognize it early. Youth is fragile.


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