Thank You Everyone!

I would like to thank everyone who has visited the blog for raising it in the search engine index.

I hope that this blog gradually will become the number 1 site indexed under “shugden” on google so we can get the maximum traffic of survivors looking for support of their decision to leave the cult, people wanting to know more about the issues with shugden worship, and academics looking for Buddhist perspectives.

Thank you again for all your support and please continue to distribute links to our pages where you feel they will do the most good!


4 thoughts on “Thank You Everyone!

  1. Thank you for this blog!

    Finally time for us ex Malaysia based, fat-chauvinistic-personality-worship cult members to come out of the shadows and expose to the world of all their wrong doings.

    They make it their life goal it seems to maliciously harass people who don’t agree with them, so you are very brave! Let us know how we could contribute to your cause., I will pitch in however possible.

    And to the fat chauvinistic blob reading this – sue me if you can, I beg you!


  2. Asanga, it is possible that hackers may delete my files and the content of this site. As a contingency, we need several people to periodically backup the site so they can anonymously recreate it elsewhere on the net if needed.

    I recommend this USB based operating system to protect the identity of uploaders.


    • I’m fine. Everyone is fine. I haven’t been in HK for several months. Don’t believe the news. Those arrests were retailation for a political demonstration, that’s why the riot started. The street vendors were just in the wrong place at the wrong time and the police know new political candidates actually care about HK citizens so they took it out on the vendors.


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