Why Don’t Shugdenites Just Leave Us Alone? by Yoshi Nawara

Vajrayana Buddhists, Tibetans in particular, have been asking themselves,
“Why don’t Shugdenites just leave us alone?”

The short and sweet answer is this,

you are their target audience.

The post-invasion Shugdenite cult was advised against by all schools of Vajrayana Buddhism because the Tibetan community in exile could no longer ignore their xenophobic agenda to eliminate Kagyu and Nyingma teachings. Following the move to India, Tibetans had to cooperate on a level never before attained in order to survive and thrive in their new environment. At every turn disharmony and violence was being fostered by the Shugden cult’s rhetoric and terrorist stunts. It was not long before the Chinese government saw the opportunity to internally implode the Tibetan Community in Exile by funding, aiding, and harboring Shugdenite fugitives that committed terrorist crimes. Following this gear shift in the Shugdenite’s agenda from merely targeting some Tibetan religious groups to also targeting the Tibetan Government in Exile, Geluk, and Sakyas, the Tibetan community as a whole rejected the Shugden cult that had become the de-facto agents of the Chinese government.

The rejection of Shugden by Tibetans, although principally a matter of rejecting religious discrimination and terrorism, also has the aspect of national security protecting against the usurping and sabotage of government functions by foreign agents.

Tibetans are uniquely fortunate as a persecuted minority in that His Holiness the Dalai Lama has brought world-wide attention to Tibet through his Dharma activities and in that way has peacefully hindered the Chinese government from carrying out more aggressive genocide campaigns. As His Holiness is the keystone provider of this protection the Chinese agents aim to remove his influence by misrepresenting him, Tibetan communities inside and outside of Tibet, and those that have similarly advised against the Shugden cults, to the Buddhist communities around the world by any means possible.

In as much as possible this agenda to divert world-wide attention away from the Tibetan genocide to enable China to eliminate the remaining Tibetans is carried out by modern Shugden cults. Over time these cults have mutated their propaganda campaigns in attempt to find one which will destabilize the sympathetic relationship between Buddhists and Tibetans subjected to China’s occupation. The most recent form of anti-Tibetan campaign is one in which the Shugden cults disseminate disinformation about their position and pose as genuine supporters of the Free Tibet movement, as genuine devotees of HHDL, and as students of other schools such as Kagyu and Nyingma in order to infiltrate those groups which are attentive to Tibet and, in as much as possible, manipulate, with pseudo-Buddhist rhetoric, their members into antagonists of Tibetans and sympathizers of China.

I hope this clarifies why your online accounts have been accosted by pro-Shugden propaganda.

To recap:
1) The shugden cult’s intention is not to practice a religion peacefully, which does not require anyone’s approval or even knowledge, but to spread propaganda for China among Buddhists.
2) The modern shugden cults are founded on previous hate groups that had the design of seeking to eliminate Nyingma and Kagyu Buddhism through black magic and discrimination.
3) The shugden cults have started new campaigns that involve posing as Nyingma, Kagyu, and Geluk Buddhists that are devoted to HHDL while simultaneously attacking him and Tibetans at large in an attempt to convince the world there is not a consensus on shugden/China propaganda and to distract from the Tibetan genocide.
4) The shugden cults tailor and disseminate pseudo-Buddhist rhetoric as part of their disinformation campaign.

For more information, as opposed to disinformation, about the political and social aspects of the shugden controversy please see: http://www.dalailama.com/messages/dolgyal-shugden

To the Buddhists of the world:
Thank you for preserving the integrity of Buddhist teachings and consistently identifying and rejecting China’s propaganda campaigns against persecuted minorities.
Om Mani Padme Hum


5 thoughts on “Why Don’t Shugdenites Just Leave Us Alone? by Yoshi Nawara

  1. I deactivated my twitter account because apparently being a minority (Tibetan) on twitter is enough to cause these lunatics to spam your account day and night.

    I didn’t have a stance on shugden before because I’m an atheist, but now it is clear to me that the shugden people are just using religion as a front for a political attack on Tibetans. I have never spoken to a more nasty group of racists than [edit:Tom Tulku]’s students. They tweet “Peace and Love” rhetoric for their wall, but their replies are hateful pro-Chinese propaganda, which they delete days later after they’re sure you’ve read it.

    All of [edit:Tom Tulku]’s students that bullied me appeared to be 100% Chinese. Why are [edit:Tom Tulku]’s employees (I mean “students”), in a country where the majority are Bumiputera (indigenous people of Malaysia), all Chinese?

    Because it’s a pro-Chinese (and fuck everyone else) political machine, not a true religious organization.

    Plain and simple,[edit: Tom Tulku]’s cult is a racist pro-China political clique in sheep’s clothing.

    I am a Tibetan and I am not Chinese property!

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  2. I grew up in the USA and never encountered this kind of hate.
    One of [edit:Tom Tulku]’s students posted pictures of chimpanzees picking bugs off each other tagged my account, and wrote that they were images of me visiting my family in Dharamsala.

    She deleted them one after another when I commented and they watched my account like a hawk to see if they got a response. Shugden people are racist scum.


  3. I didn’t see your exact event on twitter, but I’ve seen very similar attacks on fb, twitter, and elsewhere. What [edit:Tom Tulku]’s cult doesn’t realize is people are backing up these “here and gone” attacks on minorities, when they are read, for use against the cult. I know you have deleted your twitter account, but it could be useful if you recreated it and documented them.

    You can reach me by replying here. Just write at the top of the reply that you want it to be private if you don’t want it public and only want to reach me.

    Sorry for the late comment approval, I was on a vacation.


  4. [edit:Tom Tulku] says he is part Tibetan part Mongolian, born in Taiwan, raised in USA, these are only from his sources, I am curious if this can be verified from anywhere else?
    Doesn’t matter too much – I’m just interested in all kinds of evidence about everything

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  5. His story is too far fetched. First he’s royalty and he’s recognized by an unknown group of monks, then he is adopted with no proof of anything he claimed. I haven’t seen a shred of evidence he is actually a tulku or that [edit:Tom Tulku] lineage is even a real thing. No letter of recognition. I’m calling BS on this. His fantastical self-agrandizing stories would make a used car salesman blush.

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