How to Protect Freedom of Speech using TorBrowser [Simplified:Windows]

Tor Browser is used by journalists and political activists to protect their identity. Below are instructions to install the anonymizing program “Tor Browser”.
1. Download the program version appropriate to your Operating System (Windows 32/64) from here:
2. Run the file called torbrowser-install-[version#]_en-US using administrative access.
3. When prompted, install to the desktop or a flash drive.
4. Within the folder named “Tor Browser”, click on the “Start Tor Browser” shortcut.
5. Click connect.

You have now opened Tor Browser.
But there is more to be done to tighten security.
6. Locate the small “NoScript” icon on the toolbar.
7. In the dropdown bar from this icon, select “Forbid Scripts Globally (advised)”.
8. In the dropdown bar select “options”.
9. Under the “appearance tab select “allow” and “temporarily allow”.
10.Under the “advanced” tab, deselect (uncheck) “cascade top document’s permissions to 3rd party script”.
11. Under the “Embeddings” tab, select all the boxes on the left side from “Forbid Java”, to “Forbid WebGL”
12. Click ok to save the settings. You are now reasonably anonymous.

To allow script,
as you will need to to use Twitter, Facebook, and some other sites that require it for functionality, you must click the Noscript icon (the circle with an S crossed out), and select “Temporarily allow” for each domain you wish to allow functionality. For example, to use facebook you must allow and

Each allowance for script represents a security risk.
Never ever allow a site to collect “canvas data” if you see a warning pop up.

This procedure will not give you anonymity on websites where in the past you have logged in using your normal internet connection, where you have given identifying details, or if your computer is infected with certain viruses or spyware.

It is not absolutely necessary, but I highly recommend you uninstall Adobe Flash, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Microsoft Silverlight, and Java (Sun) from your computers.

[It is recommended for cult informants with more computer skill to use Tails Anonymizing OS]


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