Erasing Mistakes

As a certain shugden cult falls apart, it is important for the survivors to erase their connections. I suggest using google alerts for all the names you’ve used online and do a comprehensive comb through of all the sites you can remember and find through search engines. And never ever delete an email account unless every other linked account has been cleaned and deleted.

It may be difficult, but to restore your reputation you must take control of the blogs and articles you wrote on behalf of your group and delete them along with all the comments you left on other blogs using your name. I know it’s hard to erase chunks of your life and even harder if your name is on books that are still for sale online.

There are many automated services to speed up the deletion of all individuals posts, tweets, comments, etc.. Don’t let the urgency you feel to cover your tracks cause you to pass up the opportunity to review what you’ve written and use the accounts to apologize to people you’ve harassed for your group. I took the time to contact people who had not already blocked my accounts and explain that I was wrong, that I had left the group, and that I felt remorse.

In my case I was a major contributor to the success of a shugden cult and as a result have spent many nights afraid of what might appear on my google alerts tomorrow. I’ve grown accustomed to the routine now. Check email, delete content, and wait for it to disappear from google cache. It’s not that hard once you get used to it.


One thought on “Erasing Mistakes

  1. I know how you feel.

    Thanks for your advice btw. I scrambled to delete all the content and accounts I could immediately after leaving and before they could change my passwords. It was a close call.


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