A Victory for Free Speech, Internet Critics, and Survivors of Possessive Cults

On June 16, 2015 this website was named, as expected, in a lawsuit by Kechara House “Buddhist” Association Malaysia filed in the jurisdiction of the California Northern District Court, USA on behalf of “His Eminence” Tsem “Tulku” “Rinpoche”, Burcha Bugayeff. The suit was initiated by Li Kim Phng, the host of SyFy Asia’s program “Paranormal Zone”.

The purpose of including our website, among others, in their “Ex Parte Application For Order Granting Leave to Take Limited Discovery Prior to Rule 26 Conference” was to obtain information on internet critics before establishing the validity of their accusations of defamation.

Kechara House made no attempt to contact me, so I can infer that Kechara House intended to use the court to indirectly discover my, and other authors, identity. This event lends credibility to the anonymous descriptions of underhanded methods used by Kechara House to censor ex-employees and critics. If Kechara House would like to argue as to why this is not the case, they may still contact me through the comments section.

Following two application denials [1], Kechara House voluntarily dismissed their lawsuit against online critics. The manner in which Kechara House conducted itself makes one wonder if they had initially intended to continue the lawsuit following the discovery of the identities of internet critics or if it was only a means to identify targets for meaningful threats and character assassinations.

I have been informed that Kechara House’s decision to dismiss the lawsuit was not based solely on the court’s repeated non-compliance with their wishes, but also due to the information that would have been brought before the court to establish the facts of the alleged defamation.

It is with a certain amount of disappointment that the lawsuit was dismissed, but a victory none the less. The purpose of this website has never been solely to inform, but to set an example.

Thank you, Burcha Bugayeff, for demonstrating the protections afforded to Freedom of Speech by the United States of America’s legal system and for producing material which documents the false conspiracy narratives and tactics employed by your organization.


[1] https://dockets.justia.com/docket/california/candce/4:2015cv00332/284105


12 thoughts on “A Victory for Free Speech, Internet Critics, and Survivors of Possessive Cults

  1. I removed several posts from Facebook because of threats from Kechara House saying they would sue, bankrupt me, and have everyone that knows me go to court and that I would have to pay for all of their travel expenses, lawyers, and damages from a loss of donations.

    Now that Kechara House’s bluff has been called, I’m reposting everything.

    Kechara House and Tsem Tulku, AKA Burcha Bugayeff, are manipulative scumbag liars and that’s a fact.

    You’re absolute scum Tsem. I will never believe your threats again.

    Your bluff has been called. I’m reposting everything and more.

    Truth prevails!

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  2. You seem bright and your group turned Kechara House’s attacks against honest people into protection and comfort. You make it look effortless.

    I wondered when the tantric masters would step in and turn Kechara House’s poisons into antidotes. My intuition and the power I feel from your writing tells me you’re not just an ex-shugden practitioner.

    I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes protector Lawstudent63.


    • You can submit drafts in a comment. Also include an anonymous email address you can be contacted with. Everything must be anonymous, so use tor browser. I won’t accept submissions unless the IP addresses for comments and emails are tor exit nodes.

      Your identity isn’t necessary for us to fact check the content of posts.


  3. From what I understand, Kechara House was unwilling to even put the actual articles from your site into court documents even though they were claiming they were defamatory. There’s something about the words on this website that terrifies them.

    There are many rumors about what ex-Kechara employees have been doing. You’ve made it look like you’re just running an anonymous website here, but things have played out so well that it had to have been deliberate. You started out using psuedonymns and Tsem targeted your site because he thought you were afraid of a lawsuit and would delete the site. He thought he was going to make an example out of you and put fear into online communities! But now you’re using his name freely and the online communities know they don’t have to be afraid of lawsuits.

    Tsem can’t afford to allow this site to stay up because it will encourage others to come forward, but what can he do?

    I know people in his inner circle are watching him and recording what he says and does, so are they going to guide him into further bad moves by encouraging his delusions of power or have you already anticipated his retaliation and set a trap? Are you going to catch him hiring people to harass or kill ex-employees and put him behind bars for good? Do you have a backup plan to shut them down instantly if it doesn’t work out the way you planned? Do you have eyes on Dato Phng and Dato Khong? What about Tsem’s ds.com goon squad? Tsem will definitely get another group of people to retaliate so he has plausible deniability. Are you going to make it appear that your people are the best ones to do the job so Tsem will choose them and they can take it straight to interpol?

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    • Tsem is dense, he doesn’t even notice when his possessions have been moved, and there is some unpredictability associated with people who don’t take everything into account. Still, Tsem knows if he crosses the line, so will others.

      He knows no one will give him a chance to explain or claim he wasn’t aware of what his employees plotted. The reality is some people in KH are masters at concealing their true emotions and they are just waiting for an opportunity to even the score with Tsem.


  4. Tsem should be more afraid of China having him murdered and making it look like the Tibetans did.

    Look at the foiled murder plot at Trijang labrang. Tsem is worth more to China dead than alive.


  5. Blogs praising Tsem and promoting Kechara House are disappearing. Since those shugden retreat videos were put on youtube, everyone knows Tsem and his employees are irredeemable liars. Only a few people in KH could bear the shame, everyone else left and distanced themselves from KH.

    Whoever put up the videos is a whistleblower and must be protected. Tsem and Kechara House were stealing hundreds of thousands of US dollars from Buddhists who thought they were sending money to Gaden Shartse and supporting genuine Buddhism.

    The videos were posted with the name TK Rinpoche, that was because TK is Tsem’s username on the DS.com forum.


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