Fake Rolex Buddha by Anonymous, translated by YouToo

My house has always been the home for spirits. The building itself is a composite of colonial and new renovation. The previous owner kept a Buddhist shrine for the spirits and insisted that I continue making offerings to ease their suffering. Initially I had doubts the house was actually haunted. A few times I have seen unusual movement of objects in the house when I walked into a room. It was as if someone was running away and bumped them slightly. Also once I locked myself out of the house. I had come home late and at the time we did not have cell phones. I knew I could not get a locksmith until morning. I sat on the porch thinking about how long it would take to walk to a relative’s home when I heard the door unlock. From then on I felt affection.

The original Buddha statues in the shrine were very old and experiencing bronze disease. I am not a Buddhist and the subject of deities is foreign to me. I had intended to replace all the statues, but I bought a single large shugden statue from a local statue vendor who told me that this deity was a substitute for all because he was Buddha, Lama, Bodhisattva, and Protector all in one. I followed the vendor’s instructions for inviting shugden into my home. I made offerings daily and heeded his warnings that I could never be disrespectful to or throw away this statue without bad effects.

I don’t claim to be psychic, but when I brought it home the shrine room felt unusually dark and made me feel nervous, like a fight was going to break out. It did not stop there though. I began to feel dizzy and cold inside, like some of my organs had their blood circulation cut off. My coordination became bad and I misplaced my foot while walking up stairs often and broke my front teeth, which I payed a large amount to have repaired. Twice at night I woke up to the sound of crackling wood and someone rolling and moaning coming from the ceiling, which made me run outside because I believed the house was on fire.

My sister recommended a spiritualist who I invited into my house to spend a night. His diagnosis was that removing the Buddhas, which had prevented the spirits’ negative karma from ripening, and replacing with shugden, which woke up and amplified negative karma, transformed the house into a personal hell for the spirits. I was surprised that he was saying this about shugden because the vendor spoke about the deity with the utmost praise. In the end I agreed to have an actual Buddhist monk bless the house and replace the original statues with a new shrine. After this my health improved and the house felt peaceful again. Not long after this, the leg of the old shrine broke and the shugden statue slid into the wall and broke. After it broke, I could see it was made from very cheap materials, but made to look high end on the outside. My sister says shugden is the fake rolex of Buddhas. People say shugden is very impressive and a Buddha in order to make a profit from you, but later you realize it is low quality and fake.


3 thoughts on “Fake Rolex Buddha by Anonymous, translated by YouToo

  1. Malaysia’s Tom Tulku gives out fake empowerments he says he recieved from HHDL.
    You think a fake lama like Tom Tulku could give empowerment he recieved from the guru he despises?

    Tom Tulku hates HHDL because HHDL did not give him special treatment or praise. Tom wanted recognition without study or effort. Now who respects you Tom? No one. You isolate yourself because you don’t want to hear the truth: that you’re a nobody.


  2. I’m an exorcist in KL. I can tell you you’re not alone in experiencing misfortune because of Kechara House. 1/3 of the people who hired me in the past 3 years came in contact with them. The first step to breaking the connection is destroying the shugden statues and burning the tainted texts they gave you. Next you have to cut them out of your social circle by telling everyone you have rejected them from your life. If your residence or business is close to their buildings you should rent the building to someone else until they leave. If the situation is serious, you should sell the property even though the price you can ask for will be lower because of Kechara House. If they have your name or picture on their websites you must hire a lawyer to force them to take it off. Remove every connection you have to them and the karma you have with them will weaken.


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