History in the Making

Out of the blue, I was allowed to review a manuscript for a book in progress about Tsem Tulku and Kechara House. It dawned on me that the work will become more than just an account of events. From what I’ve seen, I have no doubt it will be a fundamental historical work that breaks new ground and that will have a deep affect on how governments handle disingenuous organizations. Turning through the pages, I was shown new facets of the Tibetan struggle to exist and inexplicable insight into the mechanics of China’s genocidal agenda. More impressive still, the book will be backed up by over 9,000 archived documents from all sides so future generations can probe deeper and contemplate the catastrophic naivety of racism and the individual consequences of “blindly” following illegal orders.

But all the chips haven’t fallen and the story isn’t over yet. I’ve been told the publishing date has been pushed back three times already to accommodate new material and there is a possibility drafts will be made available online prior to its finalization.

I’m looking forward to “Broken, But Not Powerless,..” and I’m honored to be able to write the first endorsement.

Jerry Bernthal


7 thoughts on “History in the Making

  1. Is there a way to see the manuscript or be contacted when it is put online? My daughter’s social and educational life were devastated by Kechara House and she still hasn’t come to terms with how they treated her and what she did while working for them. Also, she has nothing to do with Kechara House now. She is a good girl, but she was manipulated into doing wrong. Please have mercy on people who left Kechara House and do not include them in the book.


  2. For those who have contacted me privately asking about the release date of the book, I have asked someone involved with the project several times myself, but I haven’t been given a date. I expect that the book’s release will be determined by how satisfied the main editor is with the material, the opportune time when coinciding media coverage will amplify interest in the material, and the lengths that Kechara House exerts itself to harass and intimidate current and ex-Kechara House employees.

    It could be today, it could be next week. Either way, it will be worth the wait.

    [Update]: In all practicality, the last version of the book can be printed and in the hands of USA retailers that have made prior arrangements in 2 weeks. In Malaysia, it can be produced and distributed in about 8 days for hardcovers and 6 days for paperbacks. The Chinese, and Malay versions will naturally be delayed several months for translation from the English if the group decides on a rush distribution.

    [Update]: I’ve also had questions about whether the printed version will be available in Hong Kong. I’ve asked, and the answer is, “YES! The second release party will at HK!”


  3. I have been getting a lot of comments and questions regarding this book from my readers too.
    We all can’t wait for this book to come out. I trust the author has everything arranged nicely and will be able to release the book soon!


  4. I would like to express ny deepest gratitude to this website. I study Buddhism rather casually and any serious readings I do is largely from the extant Sanskrit Corpus of Mahayana. That can be very dry and I found TT’s stuff on youtube (to moisturise from the dryness)… initially it was all very engaging. But philosophically it seemed very clear- before the Dorje Shugden issue (which is arbitrary to one such as myself as I dont subscribe to Tantrism at all) that he had deviated substantially from Shakhyamuni Buddha’s teachings, Vasubandhu and Asanga. I dont know much about the Tibetan masters such as Tsongkhapa, but truly speaking that level of superstition and deity dependence for all things but emptiness seemed more like Smartha Hindusim than proper Buddhism.

    Most Tantric Buddhist Masters I met indicated the practices early on are preparatory for emptiness which is gradually realized in higher tantras. The marketing of buy my magical pots and charms and make money from the organisation in question led me to believe that it was purely a commercial venture. But prior to deciding to visit or donate, I did think to do some background research. Glad I did and I am fortunate your site was here to save me from such perils.

    Fundamentally, I take skepticism with this site too, as some elements here are so severe, I cannot imagine how they can be true; in terms of the extent of organizational manipulation even after departing it. But it does not necessarily matter- I dont perceive TT or associated organisations as bad or good, just incompatible with my understanding of Buddhism and therefore irrelevant to associate with.

    The new pro-China posts on the website are deeply concerning and alarming as well. That is what led me to here. My long comment serves an aim to convey my gratitude and my hopes that you- the author of this site will continue to have the strength to uphold that which you feel is true. It has helped me, and it may support others more instrumentally. I wish you all the best and I hope that all of this can lead to some type of judicial hearing and proper justice for the affected.


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