Fact Checking Tsem Tulku’s Claims, with humor.

Another good read for people considering the legitimacy of shugden organizations on exposingkultchara.wordpress.com



One thought on “Fact Checking Tsem Tulku’s Claims, with humor.

  1. Tsem Tulku is ridiculous. Every time I look at his sites I just see Chinese people saying they’re victims of the Tibetan Exile Government. Whaaaaaat? Since when have these Chinese in Malaysia been a citizen of the Tibetan Exile Community? Isn’t it ABSOLUTELY SICK that Chinese are claiming to be the victims of the few surviving Tibetans outside that prison called Tibet? How many MILLIONS of Tibetans were killed by the Chinese?

    Since when have they actually recieved the shugden practice instead of the fake one Tsem Tulku gives? And where are these imaginary millions of people practicing shugden? Shugden is a dharma protector only a some Geluk monks and almost no lay people practiced and most of those Geluks were massacred by the Chinese Government in the cultural revolution. The remaining were put in prison by China for their religion.

    The whole premise is, “We Chinese Malaysians innocently got this practice as good Geluk students and now nobody likes us because we’re keeping samaya.”

    BS, they didn’t even know about it before all the schools had already agreed the spirit broke its vows. None of them are traditional Geluk. None of them have samaya because they have ZERO connection to the Geluk school except through lying and going to empowerments where they were explicitly told by the teacher not to attend.

    None of the Tibetan Buddhists care if they worship that spirit, not that it is still alive, as long as they don’t form a decietful relationship with teachers by attending empowerments against the teacher’s wishes. Let all the Chinese spies practice shugden and go crazy and suffer illnesses if they want.


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