A Comment on Search Terms

I just wanted to thank you all for searching using such hilarious, “I can’t even breathe”, terms to find this site. Here are some of my favorites:

“is tsem rinpoche a straight-faced liar”, “dorje shugden exorcism”, “is tsem rinpoche a compulsive manipulator”, “is tsem rinpoche a liar and sadist”, “tsem tulku rinpoche fake”, “kechara house cult”, “dont trust tsem rinpoche”, “is kechara recognized by malaysian buddhist association” (no, they are not), “why tsem rinpoche obsessively promoting himself”

More importantly, almost ALL of your search terms were listed as unknown because you used a search engine that hides that information from the sites you visit. I’m very happy with that result because everyone needs to use caution to protect their identity online.

Also, I would like to remind everyone that I am doing exceedingly well since I left my shugden group. My health and professional life are excellent and I haven’t had any accidents or bad omens unlike many in the Kechara House group who have suffered serious accidents resulting in broken bones, mental illness, car accidents, cirrhosis due to lifestyle induced fatty liver disease, debt, and many other unfortunate circumstances at a rate that is alarming for such a small group. I attribute my good fortune to my being honest with myself and others, working hard, and finding a supportive social circle of people with integrity.


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