Concerning the Counter Protests Against NKT

I don’t think it is wise to end the counter protests against the NKT. While the deception the NKT employed to discredit the Dalai Lama and disturb his teachings was particularly hurtful, the damage being done to people who join the NKT because they don’t know about the organization is, arguably, much more severe.

It is clear that counter protests are an effective “wake up call” for communities that host the NKT and as such the NKT are very sensitive to this sort of social education.

Surely the NKT can not complain if protests that inform communities about the NKT continue for an equal amount of time as the NKT, under other names, disturbed Tibetan Buddhist teachings.

A front organization only works so long as it maintains the appearance of legitimate use. If the NKT still has a large income from the Chinese Government, but loses all its Western members, it will cease to function as a political front to attack minorities the Chinese government failed to kill or oppress.


One thought on “Concerning the Counter Protests Against NKT

  1. arebuddh!stsrac!stc0m is still up. I guess that means the ISC lied about taking down all their websites, or the website actually belongs to someone connected to Kechara House. FYI, the server for the website is in Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia. I’m sure that has been brought up before, along with the “unfounded” accusation that Sandy Clarke is involved.
    Maybe you should check the history of the domain going back to it’s creation in 2014?
    Get the history while you can. There are ways to make these domain history records go away.


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