How to Legitimize a Political Front Organization For Under RM 2000 (US$ 500)

1. Recruit volunteers.
2. Fire the volunteers that ask questions.
3. Buy RM 500 supplies.
4. Give supplies to homeless over the next year and photograph, photograph, PHOTOGRAPH!
5. Find a rich person that actually makes money by donating to charities in Malaysia.
6. Buy yourself something nice to avoid compassion fatigue and put it on the charity account as supplies.
7. Trick other charitable organizations into letting you “help”and take credit for their work. Photograph, photograph, PHOTOGRAPH!
8. Intimidate people who want to see your financial statements.

That’s it! Your foreign power political front group now looks like a bona-fide charity organization.

Want a bottle of water homeless person? Say “Cheeeeeeeeese”.


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