More Shots in the Dark by a Shugden Group

Hi everyone. My name’s Brenda, or as you might know be better, Brenda1sun. Lawstudent63 is suuuper busy with his career right now, so I’ll be looking after the site temporarily. And I guess I’m an author now too!

I’ve got to say I’ve been a little inactive in proofing and putting up new content, but that’s because I’ve been responding to so many of your emails! As a reminder to everyone, I won’t respond to emails unless they’ve been sent from a truly anonymous email service or using a proxy like tor browser and I can tell which you use because I’m super computer savvy like that.

So why have I stopped lurking? Because I have sweet sweet delicious news!

A particular shugden group has FINALLY decided spam this site!
[Evil Laugh]

It only took them about, what, a year to get over their fear of engaging the site directly?

Word is, inside Kechara House, the minions were instructed to not interact with this site at all because it could hurt the lawsuit their lawyers mislead them into thinking they had. Lol. I guess that means Tsem Tulku’s predictions about winning a lawsuit against this site have been erased from Kechara House’s collective memory already.

And OMGosh their weird schizophrenia-esqe attacks are so funny! Why, I think they implied this site and others are run by just about everyone they could think of outside of Kechara House. Totally shooting in the dark I see.

To Kechara House:
AllURBase says thank you for your low quality derivatives of his art on behalf of the Chinese government, because it could push him into international recognition by the art community. Ai Weiwei, eat your heart out!

I love your mock site of but I’m not putting up the links because you’ll use them to collect IP addresses. You understand.


7 thoughts on “More Shots in the Dark by a Shugden Group

  1. Kechara House people are pretending to be NKTers praise Phlegm tulku.

    BS fake praise written by Kechara House employees below:

    “(Placed here by Admin)

    Dear Tsem Rinpoche,

    I am a student of Geshe Kelsang Gyatso and always will be. I wanted to let you know how wonderful that you are not biased in any way and you always post the teachings and various information on many lamas. It shows you are trying to promote the dharma in it’s entirety. You offer a variety of lamas, teaching styles from them and even other lineages besides your own so that everyone will find something that suits them. You are not interested in promoting yourself but you highlight anyone who can teach and bring some dharma to others on your social media and blogs. Whatever you have ‘promoted’ about yourself was strictly to bring dharma to others using modern methods-INCREDIBLE. You really are a modern pop artistic lama teacher with a good feel of our current cultural pulse. I’ve noticed this consistently for years now. You are not competitive or insecure in any manner. This really shows your qualities so much. This shows you are a genuine dharma practitioner and I hold this in highest esteem. I know you are a well known teacher and respected teacher at that and I don’t mean any disrespect but coming from my Western culture, I relate more to people who truly practice the dharma better than any titles and ranks. Not that I don’t respect title and ranks. I mean there is a reason you were enthroned as a high lama in Tsongkapa’s monastery of Ganden even though I don’t fully understand that system of Tulkus in Tibetan Buddhism yet, but I respect it all the same. My point is you truly always promote the dharma of many teachers, lineages and centres and for this it shows who you are. I wanted to share this with you for quite a while now. I hope you accept this and you can share with others if you like.



    • It’s obvious that it’s not written by an NKTer because they aren’t a fluent English speaker!
      I’m not even half way through the fake letter and I’ve found 7 basic errors in their English.

      How do the NKT people feel about this non-stop misrepresentation?


  2. (o,0) I’m a little confused. Are they saying I’m Sogyal Rinpoche? A Chinese to English dictionary isn’t a substitute for learning the language Kechara House.

    I guess they had to rule out all the mediocre artists at Kechara House as suspects because I’m so awesome.

    Well, I’m not Linda, but I’m sure she can handle the Tsem-tards believing that.

    I wasn’t in the mood to make anymore cartoons about this. Maybe if they start producing something interesting I’ll feel like it again. I’ve some provocative sketches, and yeah, some of them are good enough to just scan and put up, but I don’t even feel like doing that.


    • You are talented. KH knows you’re talented. They don’t know how to explain how an artist like you is focusing on them for even a second so they created big contrived stories about Linda, Jsuin, and Jamie because they have no leads. This is like a Christmas tree attack. They’ll keep accusing random people until they get what they perceive as an indication they’ve found the right one, which can be false. Not that it is necessary, thanks to people in KH monitoring the situation and the people in KH being incorrigible gossips, their x-mas attacking indicates they probably don’t have any information at all. Not that they could sort out real from false information if they wanted to. If they weren’t so dense, they’d realize that their records have been being altered and their memories are being changed through persistent suggestion of slightly different accounts of what happened from anti-Tsem people inside and outside Kechara House. And Tsem thinks his handful of psychology classes taught him everything there was to know about psychology even as he’s lost touch with reality from people insisting he has supernatural powers and telling him he produced miracles in their homes which he automatically assumes is the truth. It must be maddening for Tsem since he can’t figure out how to make miracles work when he wants.

      I don’t see any advantage they could gain by pretending to be guessing like this when it’s clear the anti-Tsem people are fiercely protective of information even if they know they’re winning the battle against Kechara House lies.

      I guess you’re lucky the people at Kechara House are so uncultured since your shift from proportional details to vague shapes and sketch pattern is so recognizable. Yeah, some of us subscribe to art magazines for more than coffee table staging.

      As long as it doesn’t get serious, I don’t mind if KH goes after those three. It keeps KH distracted and all three of them now have a story to tell the media about the propaganda cult that is slandering and stalking them like some manipulative jealous pervert stalking a non-mutual lover.


  3. Maybe Ruby Khong is behind it all. She’s currently making people believe she is Muslim, if you haven’t heard. And she was extremely chummy with the anti-Tsem people inside Kechara House. Then there is her brainwashed daughter she has been trying to extract from Tsem’s clutches for the past year. At this rate her daughter will be barren before she realizes she will never be a nun. Tsem will have stolen the best years of Jean Ai’s life and ruined her future. It’s really very sad if you think about it.

    Plus, even if Kechara House found out it was her, there would be nothing they could do.
    There’s no point in keepiing a half sunk ship afloat. Change boats and sink the old one to the bottom.


    • Just because Ruby can conceal her emotions well doesn’t mean much either way. Put a question mark on that and wait for more definitive information.

      Considering the conspiracy theory that there are dozens of “anti-Tsem” people collaborating is part of Kechara House’s persecution complex and their attempted lawsuit, all these posts alluding to “anti-Tsem” people might just be from Kechara House sock puppets or people who were gullible enough to believe it and are spreading the rumor.

      All I’ve seen is a couple of websites that, aside from posting each others links because they’re on the same topic, don’t seem to be connected or run by the same people.

      I mean, compare and and all the kh sites. They are all essentially the same website despite trying to be different. Whoever made them was unoriginally lazy and KH just got what they got.

      With all these contradictory conspiracy theories from Tsem about governments and secret groups plotting against KH, they sure haven’t done much have they? A couple blogs. Tsem is going around telling people there are millionaires behind these blogs. Seriously? I think if someone had money to throw around they could do worse than a handful of blogs.Tsem’s full of shit and he’s probably just doing it to fabricate persecution so he can play the victim.

      Where’s the proof Tsem? Where’s the proof of a wealthy secret group causing you problems? I bet all you have is a handful of anonymous messages written by your own employees. You’re like a spider caught in its own web Tsem.


  4. I’ve noticed over the past 2 years the quality of the propaganda coming from Kechara House has dropped significantly. Right now I’m reading one of the thousands of bombastic quotes with an unrelated image from Tsem on twitter. “Rich and Happiness are mutually exclusive most of the time.”

    Kechara House has no fluent English speakers left because these kinds of mistakes are so easy to spot for fluent speakers. Also, their sock puppets have become apparent because they’re using broken English while pretending to be native English speakers.

    As an interesting side note, you can tell that a native Chinese speaker wrote the quote above because word differences between qualities themselves and the things that possess the qualities often don’t exist in Chinese. So, rich and the rich, are mixed up.

    Something that has always puzzled me is the degeneration of Tsem’s English into what it is today. He lived in the USA for some time and should have learned English fluently. His old videos show him speaking mostly correct English, but now his English is totally wrong. But I don’t think Tsem speaks Chinese, or Tibetan, or any other language, so what is going on? Maybe he talks only to broken English speakers so he’s losing his language skills?


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