New Kadampa Tradition Keeps Members Unaware of Inconsistencies with Religious Isolation.

New Kadampa Tradition: Never mix with Tibetan Buddhists, they can cause “great spiritual confusion” and are dangerous for your “purity”


Are New Kadampa Tradition Monastics Buddhist Monastics?

Are NKT monks and nuns authentic?

How to Legitimize a Political Front Organization For Under RM 2000 (US$ 500)

1. Recruit volunteers.
2. Fire the volunteers that ask questions.
3. Buy RM 500 supplies.
4. Give supplies to homeless over the next year and photograph, photograph, PHOTOGRAPH!
5. Find a rich person that actually makes money by donating to charities in Malaysia.
6. Buy yourself something nice to avoid compassion fatigue and put it on the charity account as supplies.
7. Trick other charitable organizations into letting you “help”and take credit for their work. Photograph, photograph, PHOTOGRAPH!
8. Intimidate people who want to see your financial statements.

That’s it! Your foreign power political front group now looks like a bona-fide charity organization.

Want a bottle of water homeless person? Say “Cheeeeeeeeese”.

Concerning the Counter Protests Against NKT

I don’t think it is wise to end the counter protests against the NKT. While the deception the NKT employed to discredit the Dalai Lama and disturb his teachings was particularly hurtful, the damage being done to people who join the NKT because they don’t know about the organization is, arguably, much more severe.

It is clear that counter protests are an effective “wake up call” for communities that host the NKT and as such the NKT are very sensitive to this sort of social education.

Surely the NKT can not complain if protests that inform communities about the NKT continue for an equal amount of time as the NKT, under other names, disturbed Tibetan Buddhist teachings.

A front organization only works so long as it maintains the appearance of legitimate use. If the NKT still has a large income from the Chinese Government, but loses all its Western members, it will cease to function as a political front to attack minorities the Chinese government failed to kill or oppress.

Geshe Kelsang Calls Seattle Non-NKT Practitioners Dogs

Geshe Kelsang Calls Seattle Non-NKT Practitioners Dogs

The Tables Have Turned on the NKT (ISC)

Protesters staged a demonstration outside the Thekchen New Kadampa Tradition Buddhist Centre in Bitterne, Southampton

The End of the International Shugden Community?

The ISC has stated that they will dissolve on March 10, 2016, including its websites.

I believe if law enforcement looks deeper into the activities and funding of the ISC and the New Kadampa Tradition they will discover crimes have been committed that are worth the time of prosecutors.

Or maybe such a discovery is the reason for the sudden dissolution?

Criminal “Martin” Chow Ming Kong is the Director of Fundraising At Kechara House

Another excellent investigatory piece on Exposing Kultchara.

“Martin” Chow Ming Kong, the Director of Fundraising for Kechara House and key member of Tsem Ladrang has a criminal history of successfully and fraudulently soliciting a loan of over a half a million US dollars after declaring bankruptcy. In brief, the con-artist Martin Chow, Director of Fundraising for Kechara House, stole a fortune with lies. Was this money then given to Tsem Tulku and Kechara House?

Brilliant work at Exposing Kultchara!