A Victory for Free Speech, Internet Critics, and Survivors of Possessive Cults

On June 16, 2015 this website was named, as expected, in a lawsuit by Kechara House “Buddhist” Association Malaysia filed in the jurisdiction of the California Northern District Court, USA on behalf of “His Eminence” Tsem “Tulku” “Rinpoche”, Burcha Bugayeff. The suit was initiated by Li Kim Phng, the host of SyFy Asia’s program “Paranormal Zone”.

The purpose of including our website, among others, in their “Ex Parte Application For Order Granting Leave to Take Limited Discovery Prior to Rule 26 Conference” was to obtain information on internet critics before establishing the validity of their accusations of defamation.

Kechara House made no attempt to contact me, so I can infer that Kechara House intended to use the court to indirectly discover my, and other authors, identity. This event lends credibility to the anonymous descriptions of underhanded methods used by Kechara House to censor ex-employees and critics. If Kechara House would like to argue as to why this is not the case, they may still contact me through the comments section.

Following two application denials [1], Kechara House voluntarily dismissed their lawsuit against online critics. The manner in which Kechara House conducted itself makes one wonder if they had initially intended to continue the lawsuit following the discovery of the identities of internet critics or if it was only a means to identify targets for meaningful threats and character assassinations.

I have been informed that Kechara House’s decision to dismiss the lawsuit was not based solely on the court’s repeated non-compliance with their wishes, but also due to the information that would have been brought before the court to establish the facts of the alleged defamation.

It is with a certain amount of disappointment that the lawsuit was dismissed, but a victory none the less. The purpose of this website has never been solely to inform, but to set an example.

Thank you, Burcha Bugayeff, for demonstrating the protections afforded to Freedom of Speech by the United States of America’s legal system and for producing material which documents the false conspiracy narratives and tactics employed by your organization.


[1] https://dockets.justia.com/docket/california/candce/4:2015cv00332/284105